Delish Pizza  


25 mins
Collection Time

45 mins
Delivery Time







Standard" Side Salad

Standard" Mediteranean Salad

Standard" Tuna Salad

Standard" Prawns Salad

Medium" Chips

Large" Chips

Medium" Hot And Spicy Potato Wedges

Large" Hot And Spicy Potato Wedges

Medium" Cheesy Chips

Large" Cheesy Chips

Curly Fries

5" Mozzarella Stiks

5" Stuffed Mushroom

5" Onion Rings

5" Jalapeno Cream Chesse Peppers

Reg" Lamb Donner Lamb

Meal" Lamb Donner Lamb

Wrap" Chicken Donner Wraps

Meal" Chicken Donner Wraps

Wrap" Mix Donner Wraps

Meal" Mix Donner Wraps

Wrap" Grilled Halloumi Wrap

Meal" Grilled Halloumi Wrap

Wrap" Falafel Wrap

Meal" Falafel Wrap

Wra" Chicken Strips Wrap

Meal" Chicken Strips Wrap

Reg" Chicken Donner

Lrg" Chicken Donner

Reg" Lamb Donner

Lrg" Lamb Donner

Reg" Mix Donner

Lrg" Mix Donner

Lamb" Donner Box With Chips And Salad

Chikcen" Donner Box With Chips And Salad

Mix" Donner Box With Chips And Salad

Lamb" Donner Box With Bread And Salad

Chicken" Donner Box With Bread And Salad

Mix" Donner Box With Bread And Salad

Lamb" Donner Box Wwith Salad

Chicken" Donner Box Wwith Salad

Mix" Donner Box Wwith Salad

Reg" Chicken Donner Burger

Meal" Chicken Donner Burger

Reg" Lamb Donner Burger

Meal" Lamb Donner Burger

Reg" Mix Donner Burger

Meal" Mix Donner Burger

Veggie Kebab

Falafel Kebab

Halloumi Kebab

Warm Waffle With Strawberry Sauce

Warm Waffle With Chocolate Sauce

Strawberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Carrot Cake

Handmade Lemon Drizzle Cake

Angel Sparkle Cake

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

465ml" Ben&jerry's Chocolate Fudge

465ml" Ben&jerry's Cookie Dough

465ml" Ben&jerry's Peanut Butter

80ml" Cool Delight Strawberry Fruit Ice Cream

80ml" Cool Delight Orange And Mango Fruit Ice Cream

330ml" Can

250ml" Red Bull

1.5l" Bottle Of Drink

500ml" Water

Choise Of Sauce